Fine wood and the extraordinary qualities of the Venetian Artisans

When you step in a laboratory you immediately perceive the passion that is used to create furniture. A dusty working desk, the intense odors of the lacquers and pieces of raw wood spread out everywhere.

A romantic place where the master craftsmen work hard using simple tools such as a saw, a hammer, a Allen key and a bunch of nails and screws.

The artisanal district near Verona is packed with labs and true wood artist who can literally make dreams come true manufacturing awesome furniture with techniques which have been handed down from generation to generation.

Over fifty years we have created a fantastic team of amazing craftsmen which allowed us to manufacture hand-made furnishing with incomparable shapes and curves.

Unique pieces that inspire authentic emotions thanks to the wise hands of these artists and to a “made in Italy” tradition which represents a superb asset.

Manual work permits to fulfill any wishes and adjust every single detail of a piece of furniture to achieve the results we expect. We can produce perfect replicas and reproductions because we can re-create the atmosphere using the old cutting, assembling and lacquering techniques.

A great example is the assembling techniques called “nailing assembly”, used to mount and model the trumeau pictured below before the painting. A work that requires a lot of patience, eye for the details and firm hands.

Thousands of tiny nails which are used with great precision to ensure the compactness of the furniture despite the complexity of the shapes.

Most importantly, we know how take the tradition from the past into the future, exploit the perfect carves of the classic style to make cozy environments,  add features and functionality to create a synergy with technology and domotics.

Fine wood is solid but more versatile than you think. It can provide warmth, colour, geometric forms and natural elegance. The veins and the imperfection of the wood surface are in fact the essence of its perfection. The capacity of wood to fuse with the space, the light, the corner and even with the other elements which decor the room is just incredible.

Craftsmanship also implies skills to choose and select the types of wood, appraise the characteristics in terms of elasticity, resistance, volumetric mass and all the parameters that determine quality.

We love to create furniture in antique walnut using finishes with Bois de Rose, to use the lightness of pear or cherry and the light contrast of the maple or the ash.

Not just wood, every material we use is worked with artisanal techniques, the leather of a sofa, the coatings, the metal finishes. Even the glues, the lacquers, the paints are selected with care.

The extraordinary features of wood stems from the merge between the artistic skills of our unrivalled craftsmen and the tradition that we jealously preserve.